Business Administration


The University Senate approved the establishment of the Department of Business Administration in 2015. In the same year, the department passed the verification exercise conducted by the National University Commission (NUC). Consequence to the approval given by the National University Commission, the University admitted first sets of Students into the Department in November, 2015.


We offer a Degree programme in Business Administration -nBachelor of Science in Business Administration

Our Philosophy are to:

  • produce managerial manpower with appropriate skills and aptitude to handle the ever growing and changing business environment;
  • produce graduates that are capable of securing employment in Government Ministries and Parastatals, Privately-owned Companies, Financial Institution, Educational and Professional Institutions, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, International Organisation and Self-Employment.


The objectives of our programme are to:

(i) provide the basic knowledge needed for understanding and analyzing problems related to the management or administration of industrial, commercial, public and other human organizations;

(ii) equip students of Business Administration with the skills needed for recognizing and defining problems and taking appropriate decisions, using scientific techniques and tools;

(iii) inculcate in the students, an awareness of and sensitivity to environmental factors and conditions, and their impact on managerial/administrative practices and decisions,

(iv) develop the leadership and interpersonal skills needed for working in organizations;

(v) develop a knowledge and understanding of the concepts, problems and practice of management;

(vi) equip students with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities typically exercised within management, marketing operation, and personnel functions; and

(vii) develop clear principles and values to guide ethical conduct both at the corporate level and at the level of the individual manager.